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What key strategic questions should a company consider when developing a new IoT product?

These are just questions relating to developing the business plan or how best to integrate IoT into the development...

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Why do passive RFID tags range so much in cost - from pennies to $100?

You can buy a cheap tag for less than a dime. Ironically, you’ll pay more than a dime to have it sequenced - which is to actually put a unique number on it....

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Details on la Zona Franca de Medellin

Can you please share some additional details and links about the Zona Franca (Free Trade Zone) in Medellin Colombia for anyone who is interested in learning more about that Zone?...

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How long do you see 4G LTE networks being live?

The sunset of the 2G networks caused scrambling for many companies to ensure that their IoT systems did not go down...

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So helpful starting a project with access to this network of IoT professionals. Thanks Ioterra!

– Joseph Cox

I was lost in the process of building a IoT product dev team and found Ioterra to my rescue.

– Manikandan V

Ioterra provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise for companies interested in IoT.

– David Cooper

Finally a much-needed ecosystem in IoT. Great content and useful tools for both employers and job-seekers.

– Jack Etzion

Using the Ioterra platform, we were able to rapidly get information, pricing, and timelines from high-quality services firms…

– Federico Rolandi

It would not be fair if I don’t express how much I enjoyed working with the team! Keep going guys, keep up the great work!

– Sajith Kandiyil

If you’re in the IoT Space, it’s never gonna hurt to connect with Ioterra. They have the talent that’ll blow thru your roadblocks.

– Scott Tovsen

Highly recommended to anyone developing a product that wants to be connected with the best engineering resources available.

– Thomas Illick