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An IoT talent marketplace built from ground up by a team of IoT experts.

We are hyper-focused on providing the best hiring solutions for expanding IoT companies. With a pre-vetted and constantly growing pool, we have the talent to support any IoT initiative.


We are hyper-focused on being the best hiring solutions for IoT leaders

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We have a deep pool of 1,000+ IoT pros seeking new opportunities

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All candidates go through a screening process from which a detailed candidate profile is created


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Find the right talent at each stage of your project’s journey with our flexing hiring options.

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Looking for quality employees, contractors, or advisors to grow your IoT team? Submit your hiring need, and then interested, highly-relevant pros will begin applying for it. That’s all there is to it!

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Are you an IoT Pro? Join Ioterra to access opportunities with rapidly-growing teams building disruptive technology. We’ll work with you to create an Ioterra profile that showcases your IoT experience, your work preferences, and your availability.

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You are in the right place! Based on your project requirements, use our Quote Gathering Tool to quickly receive quotes from product development agencies with matching expertise.


Millions of shipped products, 100+ vetted IoT agencies, 1,000+ IoT professionals.

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Classification of wireless technologies - Low-data Mesh Technologies, LAN, Long-distance Cellular Technologies and Low-power Long-distance.

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