Digital Twins: How IoT Can Improve Employee Experience While Reducing Building Costs

by | Feb 27, 2020

In this day and age, the workplace needs to be as dynamic as the people using it. As an employee’s scope of work flexes and changes in a workday, the office they are using needs to be able to adapt to their needs. The way this can be done is through harnessing the power of IoT to create a “digital twin.”

A digital twin is essentially the virtual representation of a workplace, assembled through the collection of data, that shows how both people and the office space interact to undergo the various processes that occur throughout the day.

The benefits of a digital twin can completely transform the efficiency of a workplace in four different ways:
  1. It allows employees to personalize their work experience, formulating a method that best fits their strengths and abilities.
  2. Digital twins provide data on the parts of a building that are utilized less frequently than others, allowing for the conservation of resources such as lighting or energy.
  3. With real-time data, a building owner can employ third party cleaning services and maintenance based on demand, rather than a static schedule.
  4. IoT-connected devices give employees the ability to streamline their experiences at work and put full focus on the task at hand. If something in the office isn’t working properly, a building owner can be notified immediately by the digital twin so that the problem can be addressed before it inhibits an employee’s job.
IoT is not only about making “things” smarter but also making us smarter as well. A digital twin gives the data needed to make intelligent, efficient, and unique decisions about the places we work, which will ultimately lead to more getting done, in a shorter amount of time.
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