Disrupting the coffee ecosystem with IoT Innovation

by | Dec 18, 2019

Coffee is often times the lifeline for many go-getters. A hot cup of coffee in your hands is symbolic of warmth and readiness -- but what would happen if you could make your coffee machine smart?
In a noble attempt to provide more profits to the farmers and connect consumers directly to the source -- you get something like Bonaverde Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Machine.

Bonaverde incorporates the use of connectivity through a phone app to connect the user to a “Coffee Cloud” marketplace. Not only the app, but the components inside that allow for connectivity in the first place (modems, wireless modules).

Daily coffee drinkers will now have the ability to browse coffee growing regions, explore and learn about different flavor profiles, and order beans straight from the source to be delivered to your home through a few clicks of a button.

Why does this matter?
At every handoff between coffee farmers to daily coffee consumers, a cut of the profits is taken away from coffee farmers. The largest typically being that of the roasters and shipers (~50%). This tech allows farmers to recoup what would have been lost in transition (fair trade) and enables direct-to-consumer relationships.

What is the tech inside?
RFID is embedded into each coffee shipment packed with data from origination of the beans to how to treat the beans for maximum taste Each machine uses Java™embedded wireless modules (Gemalto Cinterion EHS6) 3G modem is also incorporated for plug-and-play from device-to-IoT cloud platform

The intent beyond its tech specs is to foster an ecosystem of conscious coffee makers and drinks, “working together to shake up the coffee industry.”
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