Having the right quality plan can avoid costly mistakes during production

by | Dec 12, 2019

No IoT product or solution is complete without the corresponding IoT hardware and they come with a rider - hardware products are tricky because mistakes during design or manufacturing could be very costly. Manufacturing hardware products is capital intensive and you need to keep close tabs on production quality to avoid defective inventory. One must have a reliable quality plan in place from the very beginning of a hardware development project to avoid such mistakes. Anna Thornton from Dragon Innovation gives us solid tips for formulating a good quality plan for the pilot and production runs of manufacturing a hardware product.

The quality test plan compliments the requirements of a product. Anna says, and rightly so, that it is not enough to follow good design and development practices to get to a successful product. Unless you test the product against requirements thoroughly, you can't be sure that it meets the customer needs appropriately. She writes about the areas your quality plan should cover during the pilot run of manufacturing and also during final production. She also talks about what to keep in mind when talking to contract manufacturers. Having a quality plan is an integral part of quoting process with contract manufacturers and that it is better to have your own quality plan first and then discuss with the contract manufacturer to finalize the scope.

Quality checks are a must have at every stage of any product development. In case of hardware products, you not only need to quality control your design effort, but also the supply chain and manufacturing. This article will help you cover all important aspects in your quality plan for high volume production of your IoT hardware product.
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