How Smart Water Systems can Impact the Planet’s Water Resources

by | Feb 7, 2020

The team over at Digiteum put together an excellent break down of smart water management technologies and how IoT, big data, and AI play a crucial role in the development and application of these technologies. Here is their breakdown:

Smart Water Management (SWM) Meaning
The integration of hardware and software systems to measure, monitor, control, and regulate the usage and quality of water resources as well as the equipment and infrastructure involved in collecting, transporting, cleaning, processing, and distributing them.

Modern Smart Water Technologies
The devices, systems, and tools that enable smart water benefits include:
  • Sensors to measure things like:
    • The quality of raw catchment water, the chemical composition in the water after treatment and wastewater
    • Changing quantity in the storage reservoir
    • Pressure on the pipes in the distribution pipeline
    • Wear of the equipment and machinery that process and distribute water to end-users
  • Smart meters and monitoring systems
  • Automated distribution systems and precision algorithms
Objectives of Smart Water Management
  • Reduce wasting water
  • Improve water quality
  • Enhance the efficiency of water systems
  • Implement leakage control
  • Practice consumption monitoring
How does IoT Improve the Water Industry?
  • Transparency to the processes in the water supply chain.
  • Real-time monitoring and the ability to immediately address detected issues.
  • Automation and augmentation of human power.
  • Sustainable practices thanks to reduced waste.
  • Forward-orienting water conservation strategy based on data analytics and prediction algorithms.
IoT Applications in Water Management - with examples Check out their full article for the deeper dive into the problems we face in our water management systems and how IoT, big data, and AI can work together to solve them.
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