How to Select the Right Bluetooth Module

by | Dec 4, 2019

In my experience of sitting-in on consultations, one of the most asked questions I heard was: “Which Bluetooth module should I implement?” It’s a critical question to ask in regards to the pros and cons of each that ultimately influence the product’s production cost, connectivity, and market price - but it’s the first question within a list of testing procedures that I hope you’re prepared for.

This entire whitebook is helpful in finding information on Bluetooth in a digestible way, but if there are some main takeaways that I can pull, I would recommend at least taking a glance at these sections:
  • The Workflow of Bluetooth Module Integration: There is a step-by-step guide that discusses the process of testing and implementing a Bluetooth module. No matter what you’re trying to connect, it’s important to stick with a basic guideline so you can avoid those “shoulda, coulda, woulda’s.”
  • How to Select a Bluetooth Module: What will your product do? How will it be used? What limitations can you foresee? There’s a large chart of “considerations” and “descriptions” that will help you define and maybe reconsider how your product will function once it lands in your customer’s hands.
  • The Key RF Performance Tests for Bluetooth Module: Remember when I mentioned that there’s a lot of testing ahead? This page begins to discuss the required tests that your RF professional can help you conduct.

I don’t recommend becoming fluent in electrical geek-speak, but I do recommend taking the time in understanding the process of implementing Bluetooth in your product. Testing your module will ultimately allow you to efficiently address potential application layer problems, fulfill certification requirements, provide satisfactory results to your customers, and make collaboration with your engineers much easier. Though I’m sure there are more nuances that your engineers will have to tackle beyond what’s in 20 pages, I think this guide was compact enough to give you a heads-up on how this particular connectivity can influence your end-product.
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