It’s a Lot Simpler Than You Think: How to Present Your App Idea to Developers

by | Feb 5, 2020

Conveying your entire vision for a mobile application can be a daunting task, especially if your audience is a team of developers. Rather than stumble through the mess of trying to explain project specifications while simultaneously protecting your ideas under lock and key, simply follow these three steps laid out by Abdo Riani to successfully present your app idea and build a profitable team:

1. Let the developers put together the project specifications document.
  • If you don’t fully understand the technical side of your application, you could accidentally propose something that is more complicated and costly than it needs to be.
  • A strong development team should create this document for you by asking carefully crafted questions and transforming your vision into a logical - and technical - plan.
2. Enter your presentation with a wireframe prepared.
  • The wireframe should portray the key pages of your app.
  • Don’t use the wireframe as a definite layout for the application; allow the team to form the optimal UI/UX from your ideas.
3. Pick a team of entrepreneurial programmers.
  • Developers that have experience building a business can help you turn your app idea into a successful startup.
  • They will understand the necessity of minimizing IoT costs and focus on building the most important features of the app.
One of the most crucial things to understand when presenting your idea to a team of developers is that you should not fear intellectual theft. An idea isn’t worth a whole lot until you invest the time, money, and other resources into it to make it something tangible. The best way to succeed in collaboration with a development team is to share your vision with them completely. This will help you avoid misunderstandings that could drive up development costs and ultimately cause your app/startup to fail.

Building the right team for your new application is never an easy process, but there is no need to overcomplicate the ordeal when all it requires is a little bit of trust, preparation, and proper research to succeed at doing so.
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