Part 4: Project Management – Design for Manufacturing by Scott Miller

by | Dec 12, 2019

Scott Miller explains in this lecture, the basic principles behind project management so you can come away better understanding its purpose and importance within the product development process.

Just as much as hard engineering skills will be required to develop a product, you’re going to benefit greatly from having project management down to a science to discover what the critical path to success will be.

From Gantt charts to scrum sprints, you’ll want to settle in on a proven model to run project management initiatives. When used effectively, it will enable you to see through a project as pain-free, mistake-free as possible. Miller provides a quick rundown of examples:
  • Gantt Charts
  • Scrum
  • Theory of Constraints
Common tools of the trade:
  • MS Project
  • SmartSheet
  • Pivotal Tracker

Miller stresses the baseline key to success is to communicate with efficacy. There are a lot of moving parts and consideration in manufacturing with plenty of handoffs in between departments and organizations. This is why leveraging the right tools and workflows will help guide your projects to success.

Common pitfalls in project management to avoid:
  • Poor communication
  • No goal alignment
  • Project poorly defined

Watch the 10 min video in Scott Miller’s SlideShare, Slide 2 to learn more about specific use cases and nuances involved in the project management process.
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