Predictive Maintenance Companies Landscape 2019

by | Dec 6, 2019

Padraig Scully leads the market research team at IoT Analytics and does an excellent job of quickly breaking down the Predictive Maintenance industry and where it’s trending.

Summarizing IoT Analytics’ ‘Predictive Maintenance Market Report 2019-2024’, he describes the trends of the Predictive Maintenance market and how the market is dividing itself. Overall the report showed that the number of vendors focusing on Predictive Maintenance in 2019 has doubled compared to 2017. He further describes the four main market segments, which are Hardware, Connectivity, Storage & Platform, and Analytics.

Analytics is the current largest segment, accounting for 35% of Predictive Maintenance companies. He breaks these companies into 9 types, which fall into four major categories - basic analytics, data engineering, general data science, and Predictive Maintenance tailored analytics.

It’s clear that the Predictive Maintenance market is growing and will continue to grow. Not only this, but the market is divided by a myriad of distinct market segments, so there are many ways to get involved in this burgeoning market.
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