The Good of Being Connected: How Connected Things Are Changing Manufacturing

by | Dec 30, 2019

Robert Schmid, Chief Technologist at Deloitte Digital, Schmid reports that “...79% of U.S. consumers have at least one connected device at home.” The advantage to manufacturers is not just the data gathering from network sensors and smart devices, it’s the ability to put it to work for a better product.

Thanks to the introduction of IoT in manufacturing, we’re seeing increased efficiencies on the work floor, better safety measures of line workers, and the company savings in the millions of dollars in the process.

In a similar vein, predictive analytics and maintenance has allowed less downtime of its machines. With IoT, companies have a finger on the pulse that is their machines. Imagine knowing when a machine or tool is likely to breakdown before it happens. Game changer.

Even something as simple as location tracking on tools and keys for employees. How much time is wasted wondering where a tool is or access to certain rooms but the keys have been misplaced? For further context, in manufacturing, a person’s office space could be acres of ground to cover across thousands of employees in search of said tools. Needle in a haystack.

In the article, it’s noted that a client of Deloitte saved $3 million per year on product lines once location tracking was implemented. And this is only one application. Because IIoT is easier said than done, it’s allowed for new business models to be introduced. Companies are now offering their services to outfit built-in sensors with remote owners who monitor, implement maintenance, automated upgrades, and repairs.
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