What has made Logitech a Top Electronics Company? The Truth is in the Teardown of the MX Master 3

by | Feb 3, 2020

I think we can all recall a time when we drove to Comp USA to buy a mouse to replace our outdated model at home while we blasted OutKast on the radio. It was after we parked in the mall’s parking lot, tuned into our WalkMan radio, and walked along the aisles of VHS tapes and newest 256 megabyte USB flash drives did we stumble upon a miraculous product: the Logitech MouseMan Cordless, the world’s first wireless mouse that used RF.

Logitech has had a vast history of transforming the electronics industry within the transforming landscape of Silicon Valley. Eric Weinoffer from the Bolt.io team tore down one of the team’s favorite mice, the Logitech MX Master 3. Weinoffer details the components, the ergonomic design, and the powerful capability inside this amazing (if not miraculous in our 2020, 20/20 perspective) product:

The Wheel is Easier to Use Despite Complex Applications

From their last design, the Master 2, the wheel has reduced size with “MagSpeed” technology which removes the motor and any mechanical contact with the wheel whatsoever. Logitech has engineered a circuit that energizes a coil with 25V as it passes along electropermanent magnets thereby making the movement of the mouse more “snappy and precise.”

The Ergonomics Feel Better Despite Tiny Design Tweaks

By looking at the side-profile pictures, the comparison of the MX Master 2 and 3 don’t look too different; however, it’s the tiny design details such as moving the side buttons to a more natural location that makes a huge difference when your hand is trying to mold onto the product.

The Mechanical Encasement is Complex Despite the Compact Design

Keeping in mind the shape and ergonomic features, the housing has greatly improved by reducing the number of ribs and are further apart. Weinoffer points out that the MX Master 3 has a “peninsula of plastic” that allows the thumbwheel and buttons to be more flexibly installed into the encasement. All in all, these tiny details powered by huge improvements make the button feel better.

The Electronics are Powerful Despite a Few Changes

The MX Master 3 now sports a Nordic nRF52832 as a Bluetooth module that now supports Bluetooth 5 and doubles the memory compared to the MX Master 2. Weinoffer is still looking for an answer (maybe you might know?) of why there is a ruler on the MX Master 3’s board.

If you’re wondering which mouse to buy on Amazon Prime while Googling on your iPhone X, I think this teardown by Bolt.io of the MX Master 3 for $99.00 is definitely worth a read.
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