Yep, There’s Always More Work Needed: 7 Tips in Architecting your IoT Based Apps

by | Jan 16, 2020

There’s a lot to wrap your head around when architecting your design for a web or mobile app, let alone what you need to do when connecting it with your IoT product. Tempest House, one of the companies on Ioterra, breaks it down into 7 digestible tips when approaching how you want to capture and transfer data for your IoT product.

1. Design with Data In-Mind
Tempest stresses the importance of clear communication (*rimshot*) between the data transit architect, web architect, and firmware team to design how much and what data is being transferred.

2. Invest in High-quality Firmware
You know you’re buying low-quality firmware when the structure is disorganized and the API is illogical. Tempest goes into more detail why you have to shell out more money to save your future-self from headaches.

3. Detect Hiccups in the Communication
Tempest utilizes a self-made messaging queue to test if the message is getting to its intended destination.

4. Recognize IoT-related Security Threats
Tempest offers several mini tips for this point: encrypt your data, use authentication tokens, and partner with a company to test your security.

5. Guard your Data and your Liability
GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a long document of regulations, but darn-you if you don’t read it!

6. Scale your Product
Going into your design, you want to make sure you meet your basic needs and requirements, but you also have to consider how your product will need to incorporate more/new features.

7. Consider a Hybrid Approach
Tempest suggests utilizing the portable and accessible method of developing in a virtual browser. Just be aware of possible drawbacks depending upon the activities that run in the program.

It’s at this point that Tempest provides a visual design for IoT architecture using a hybrid application. It’s much better seen than summarized, so I recommend going to the blog to check out the 5 diagrams to give you a visual idea of how this all works together.
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