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Advanced digital directory software designed to enable member connections. Easy to deploy and customize for your ecosystem members and partners. Give your community the tools to interact.

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Your digital ecosystem platform for every scale

Ioterra’s website directory builders and platform expertise take you where you want to go. From architecture planning to launch, inter-member communication to growth, and beyond.

Fully Customizable Directories, Categories, and Platform

Design the digital directories of your organization with customizable categories, search criteria, and filtering. 

Enable your partners to effeciently find each other, engage in services, and communicate through secure channels that are integrated into your brand. 

Member & Vendor Profiles and Dashboards - Automatic Setup Processes

Give each of your members a place to connect, communicate, see important messages, and manage their activities.

Save time and energy by giving all of your members the ability to add, edit and approve changes to their profiles, with complete oversight and admin controls.

Create custom forms and communication channels

Custom forms allow you to help connect the right people within your ecosystem.   Help your members save time while facilitating warm introductions.

Industry, educational, government and NGO leaders use digital directories to grow their ecosystems

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Designed to categorize the complex

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Ioterra got started as an ecosystem for companies designing and launching products at the intersection of hardware and software, also known as the Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Now, over three hundred IoT solution and service providers connect everyday through the this free technology platform.

Startup Ecosystems within Universities

A university with a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem is the ideal launch pad for startups founded by students and researchers. Most universities have all the components to build it right in their backyard. They just need to remove the blockages that prevent the ecosystem from growing. Academia is a natural magnet for smart people and interested external stakeholders. As soon as their energy is channeled toward a common goal, startups in this environment draw on much stronger resources than the private sector alone can provide.

Customize 100% to your ecosystem

People, services, resources, products, articles/information, case studies and applications.  Design your ecosystem to facilitate the connections that are the most important.