Meet new customers seeking your services

Product developers come to Ioterra to find pros like you who can help them.

Join the ranks of companies closing deals small — starting at $1k — and large — to over $500k!

A new way to win projects – grow your business while also helping others

Receive leads for your services

Appear as a top company when visitors use the “Get Quotes” or “Find Experts” tools.

Answer technical IoT questions

Generate visibility and meet customers by sharing your knowledge in the IoT Q&A library.

Feature your tools and resources

Add specific & helpful resources to the Ioterra Knowledge Center to point visitors to your content.

Recent Ioterra Projects

Project began as electrical and mechanical design prototyping. Following a successful prototype, the project went to the pilot production phase with the Ioterra vendor.

Deal size: $230,000

Project included UI/UX design, mobile development, and software development for a new IoT product. Client found an experienced Ioterra vendor capable of doing the project under one-roof.

Deal size: $40,000

Project had specific requirements for firmware development using Rigado’s BMD-350. Client found an Ioterra vendor with deep Rigado expertise who quickly executed the project.

Deal size: $28,000

How it Works

Companies with IoT products and services can create a profile, list their offerings, and receive leads through Ioterra. There is no cost to set up a basic account, but there are paid subscription options to receive greater lead flow and have access to visitor analytics and insights. Contact Ioterra sales to discuss setting up a profile for your company.

What comes with my company profile?

With a company profile, you will be integrated into Ioterra’s Find IoT Expert and Get Development Bids tools and will receive project opportunities that are related to your areas of experience. If you are on a subscription tier you will have access to analytics for the ecosystem and your profile. Additionally you will be eligible to exhibit at Ioterra conferences and events.

What are opportunities?

Opportunities are real projects in need of development or consulting support. Opportunities occur when a potential customer has matched to you based on their project needs. You will receive a description of the project opportunity and a summary of the customer. After reviewing the opportunity details, you choose if you want to connect to the potential customer. Opportunities are not guaranteed jobs. It’s up to you to win the work after you get the opportunity.

What happens if a potential customer from an opportunity never responds?

You will only be charged if the customer is responsive. If you accept an opportunity and then never hear from the customer that will be classified as a non-responsive opportunity and you will not be billed.

Can I set automatic acceptance parameters to I don’t have to manually check each opportunity?

Yes, you can set the maximum amount you are willing to pay on any given opportunity (or over any given period) based on parameters such as company size, project stage, project industry, etc. When opportunity come through that meet your criteria you will automatically accept these leads. If an opportunity comes through that is above your automatic acceptance threshold you will still have the opportunity to review and manually accept it, should you wish.

How many companies in Ioterra can purchase one opportunity ?

Up to three Ioterra companies can purchase an opportunity. The first three companies to accept the opportunity will be connected. Some companies have set up automatic acceptance criteria in the event that opportunities are under a certain dollar amount. If more than three companies automatically accept the lead, then the three that have the highest Ioterra subject score points related to the project needs will be connected.

How are opportunity prices calculated?

Opportunity prices vary by the type, scope, start date, and company details of a potential customer’s request. We know the value of every job is different, and we aim to price the opportunities to reflect that. Your sales representative can provide current and average pricing for the types of leads you’ll receive.

What can I do if the opportunities I’m receiving aren’t a good fit?

If you find that the leads you’re getting aren’t relevant to you or the work you do, you can change your opportunity preferences online — or by contacting our customer service team. You can also participate in the Ioterra community in subjects related to your key areas of interest to increase your Ioterra subject score points which will allow you to receive more awareness and leads in that subject.

Why do customers trust Ioterra?

The IoT sector in specific, and the product development landscape in general, contains a lot of noise. Ioterra provides an intuitive approach for product developers to rapidly get answers to critical questions and meet experts that can help them with their projects. Ioterra does not have a “angle” – we aren’t motivated to convince a customer to buy this part or that service. We just want more product developers to reach the finish line successfully. Customers trust Ioterra because of its objectivity, transparency, and ease-of-use.

How to get started


Sign up for a Company Profile

Input your business details and areas of focus to open your account.


Build your profile

Create a profile for your business. Highlight your domains of excellence and past projects.

An Ioterra representative will work with you to help optimize your profile.



Let the opportunities roll-in

You’ll be notified and details whenever a company expresses interest in your services.

Approve the opportunity and then connect with them directly.

How to become a top ranked service provider

The Ioterra algorithm computes the most experienced companies in each subject area (e.g. Antenna design, Certification management, Medical Device software) using the below 4 factors.

The past projects uploaded to their profile

Their participation in Ioterra Q&A and Resource libraries

Their self-reported experience

Reviews from other Ioterra members

To increase your opportunity flow for a specific subject area through Ioterra, upload more projects showing your expertise in that subject, engage more in the Ioterra forums on topics related to that subject, adjust your self-selected profile settings, or complete projects through Ioterra in that subject area.


Don’t Just Take
Our Word For It

I joined the Ioterra platform in December 2020 and got matched with a client soon thereafter. The project signoff was quick and smooth as there was a trust factor between us and the client due to Ioterra.

- Vinod Jhajharia, Founder

We started working with Ioterra in 2019 as a member of their services platform. This is a great solution for matching manufacturers with prospective clients. The Ioterra team has helped us gain a better understanding of the IoT landscape. We're consistently impressed with their depth of knowledge related to design, engineering, and manufacturing.

- Lorne Smith, Director of Business