Ansync SafeEntry Hand Sanitizer Announcement

by | Sep 21, 2020

Last week I travelled to Eldorado Hills, CA, to visit the new and expanded offices of Ansync, a full product development firm that has been a long-term partner in the Ioterra ecosystem. Ansync is positioned uniquely in Ioterra as the only domestic Original Design Manufacturer (capable of complex device design, customization, as well as manufacturing).

One of the many projects that caught my eye while visiting was the Safe Entry Hand Sanitizer Stanchion, a technology platform to reduce operating costs and increase safety in environments with high foot traffic.

The Safe Entry System

This device is available for whitelabeling to brands that would like to deploy a complete sanitation monitoring and/or control system. The device is smart and has 5 PCBs in it to handle many features including:

  • Body temperature readings through thermal sensor integration
  • People counting with a grideye sensor
  • Red light dispense awareness
  • Door access control (limiting opening or closing until successful dispense, temperature reading, or access key detection)
  • 2 gallon capacity supply that is agnostic to refill material
  • Access control via kia fob
  • ADA access button to replace an existing access stanchion

Use cases of this device include access control to restaurant chains, retail stores, event centers, and offices. The Safe Entry Stanchion provides significant value over current building access solutions through data collection and accessibility adherence.

Tyler Clark of Ansync gave me a great overview of the device’s functionality, design, and operating business models in the video below.

Currently, Ansync is open to partnering with companies that would like to bring white-labeled sanitization solutions to the market. The device is in production and is capable of a variety of customizations to fit potential customer needs including colors, logos, and technology additions.

I look forward to seeing this complete solution in the market in the next few months via whitelabeling and/or dealer distribution.

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