Beechwoods Software Partners with Simply NUC to Develop IoT Edge Solution

by | Apr 29, 2020

Beechwoods Software has partnered with Simply NUC to provide an edge computing solution which includes a commercial distribution of the latest EdgeX release, a Console Configuration Tool for easy setup, and an upgrade path to additional IoT protocols and enhanced Edge capabilities.

Beechwoods Software has been a thought leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) interoperability helping to drive initiatives and actively contributing to open source projects for the AllSeen Alliance, Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) and EdgeX Foundry. Featuring a built-in health monitoring system which includes controllable fan, hardware monitoring and a watchdog timer. When it comes to rugged environments, Simple NUC’s Edge Server is engineered to last. This makes the Beechwoods Edge Server from Simply NUC the ideal rugged IoT device to connect over multiple protocols to the cloud as well as proximal networks.

Beechwoods Edge Server- the Rosetta Stone of IoT

Built on EdgeX, the Edge Server is the “Rosetta Stone of IoT”. It can be configured to input any protocol giving the ability to define how your data is handled. The primary use is for creating smarter, more independent consumer, enterprise and industrial environments with the Beechwoods Edge Server. Ready to connect with multiple Serial ports, USB 3.1 and two mDP connections and many mounting options providing complete adaptability to your edge server location.


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