Dark Bears Rejoins Ioterra: Continuing Success after 2 Wins

by | Jan 20, 2022

Ioterra is pleased to renew its partnership with Dark Bears, a software development company with over 10 years of project management, Web & Mobile app development, IoT & Embedded programming, and QA experience. After 1 year of membership and 2 platform deals closed, Dark Bears will recommit its subscription within Ioterra’s marketplace of service providers and solutions.

Dark Bears joined the platform back in December 2020; after many projects were delayed from COVID, it was a wake-up call for many companies to re-evaluate how they would implement data tracking within their products as connected devices and mobile application-based services flourished. Within 2 months of their membership, Dark Bears won a deal through the platform to develop a mobile and web application for a parcel tracking solution in South Africa.

“It was humbling for us to keep Dark Bears as a software professional in Ioterra. They have had positive reviews from companies seeking development, and glowing testimonials from companies that utilized their services. By extension, it’s a privilege to have Dark Bears entrust us as a resource for qualified leads and as an IoT-business ecosystem,” said Daniel Price, CEO of Ioterra.

Dark Bears has booked a 2nd deal within the platform that they are currently developing for a IoT Hardware company based out of Nevada.

“Ioterra has done a wonderful job in bringing all the different skill sets required to deliver robust IoT products from scratch. We absolutely love this ecosystem and feel fortunate to be a part of this community,” said Vinod Jhajharia, Founder and Director of Dark Bears.

Ioterra and Dark Bears together will continue to:

  • Promote and match Dark Bears’ expertise within mobile app and software development, firmware engineering and IoT security to companies seeking those services within manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare, lifestyle and aerospace.
  • Collaborate in creating insightful content and engaging within events that focus on IoT development and technology
  • Empower and build a community of professionals capable of bringing the most ambitious product concepts to market and accelerate the future of connected technology.

As a certified service partner, Dark Bears looks forward to continuing to be among one of the world’s top software development houses by ensuring that all the software they develop is feature complete, secure, and scalable by leveraging Ioterra’s network.

To learn more about Dark Bears, visit https://darkbears.com/ or https://app.ioterra.com/companies/dark-bear-web-solutions-llc

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