Digital Health Application and Device Developers, Untitled Kingdom, joins Ioterra

by | Jul 22, 2020

As one of the original service partners to join the marketplace in early 2019, Untitled Kingdom, has officially reinstated our partnership with the intent to design and develop devices that will further enhance the healthcare experience, especially in a time when preventable health is possible through digital transformation.

Untitled Kingdom has multiple projects within its portfolio that deal mainly with digital health, IoT, and FemTech that “positively impact people’s lives.” With award-winning products such as the world’s first, silent wearable breast pump, the team has innovated healthcare technology by elevating user experience and adhering to medical compliance to assure data-safe practices.

Their services include web and mobile app development, UX & UI design, and medical IoT device development.

“I’ve spent more than a third of my life with Untitled Kingdom and still love coming to the office every single day,” says CTO, Bartek Hugo Trzciński. “We have a perfect balance between freedom and trust to experiment with new things and knowledge and experience to be confident in delivering uncompromised quality. It’s great that we can work on challenging and diverse projects that make the world a bit better place to live in.”

“Piotr’s (the CEO of Untitled Kingdom, Piotr Zając) team is ambitious and caring,” said Daniel Price, CEO of Ioterra. “As the need for medical device development and healthcare monitoring applications have skyrocketed for an understandably unprecedented period in our history, we’re confident the Untitled Kingdom team can leverage our network’s strengths to fulfill their goals sparking change and making a healthier world.”

Ioterra and Untitled Kingdom together will:

  • Promote and match Untitled Kingdom’s expertise in software Q&A and medical device development to incoming businesses with IoT initiatives within the healthcare industry.
  • Collaborate and create insightful content that can provide companies a transparent look into the development of healthcare applications.
  • Empower and build a community of professionals capable of bringing the most ambitious product concepts to market and accelerate the future of connected technology.

As a certified service partner, Untitled Kingdom looks forward to continuing to create world-changing products by leveraging Ioterra’s network.

To learn more about Untitled Kingdom, visit or

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