Embedded Systems Design House, Avench, Joins Ioterra

by | Sep 18, 2020

In 2015, Avench began with a small team of engineers to provide a complex initiative of being a leader in embedded solution technology. By 2020, Avench has become a multinational, electronics design company that has since expanded its team to service companies specializing in energy, medical, industrial, and consumer electronics domains.

Ioterra is pleased to announce an official partnership with Avench. Avench had been engaging within the marketplace since 2019 as one of the original service partners that helped propel Ioterra to become the robust, B2B marketplace it is now. The team can build a custom solution including hardware, firmware & cloud for their customer’s IoT needs.

“The Avench team has always been a pleasure to work with,” said Ioterra’s Chief of Strategy, Abhinav Dubey. “When Ioterra was ready to expand to include more IoT resources, we knew we wanted to re-engage with Avench to put the best of what the marketplace has to offer in electronics design and firmware development.”

Ioterra and Avench together will:

  • Increase awareness and improve messaging around the development of connected products and systems.
  • Engage with opportunities in the marketplace to empower companies looking for embedded system design.
  • Create and optimize content to further both companies’ missions to provide simplified solutions in technology development.

As a certified service partner, Avench looks forward to continuing to simplify life through technology adoption by leveraging Ioterra’s network.

To learn more about Avench, visit https://www.avench.com/ or https://ioterra.com/companies/avench-systems-inc

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