February 2020 Newsletter

by | Feb 25, 2020

Dear Friends and Fellow Builders of Hardware Products, 


I hope you had a productive February - which may or may not have included a romantic Valentine’s day, some Presidential caucusing, and a chance to check out the new Ioterra website (shameless plug!) 


Unfortunately, Ioterra does not yet include any IoT solutions to make your crush fall in love with you before Valentine’s day, nor to rig the presidential primaries (Rest assured, if we come across either of these we’ll be sure to include them in a future newsletter!). 


However, we do have some exciting new announcements in our February newsletter below. 


Have a great month,


CEO/ Co-founder of Ioterra


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Through the IoT Looking Glass

IoT Hardware Development Insights Study - 2019

We received over 700 submissions of our Product Development Estimator Tool throughout 2019. The submissions from hundreds of innovators around the world have given us extraordinary insight into some of the key trends in IoT, including what companies are trying to build and why. We’ve made our results available through our 1st annual IoT Hardware Development Insights Report. This report details our findings of key development decisions companies are making as well as average development costs, development timelines, and other crucial details that go into creating IoT initiatives.


You can download the IoT Hardware Development Insights Study for 2019 below. 

Top Articles in Resources

Product Design - Do it for the Love

"You can only learn how much you design sucks when you watch people use it." Read up on the unseen importance of product design and the different methods that you can test to determine if you've hit the mark, or missed it completely.

A Brief Intro to Key IoT Communication Protocols

Picking the right communication protocol for your IoT device can be challenging. This overview of some need-to-knows helps make an informed decision.

A Comparison of Wireless Technologies for the Average, Confused Entrepreneur

This is for the non-engineers who have heard tech-buzzwords and can easily skim this article for a start on which wireless technology to choose.

Pro News from Service Partners

Congrats to Wayzn!

We have been extremely excited to watch the development progress of the first smart doggy door! Congratulations to Wayzn, and Ioterra service partner Ansync, and make sure to visit Wayzn.com to see the product in action.  

Welcome, EMBIQ!


We are pleased to announce EMBIQ as a newly added IoT expert to the Ioterra community. EMBIQ is a technology company empowering R&D teams and projects. The company was built on brilliant experience in IoT, SmartCity and MedTech. Check out their profile on Ioterra! 

Welcome, Margarin Dynamics!


We are pleased to announce Margarin Dynamics as a newly added IoT expert to the Ioterra community. Magarin Dynamics is a full stack research and development partner specializing in providing industry leaders with novel solutions to complex design problems. Check out their profile on Ioterra! 

Recent Developments on Building Blocks

Nordic Semiconductor: nRF52840

The nRF52840 is ideal for:

  • Smart home products
  • Industrial mesh networks
  • Smart city infrastructure
  • Connected watches
  • Personal fitness devices
  • Connected health
  • Virtual/Augmented reality applications
  • Advanced wearables

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