Ioterra’s Commitments to You in These Uncertain Times

by | Mar 17, 2020

The world today is quite different from what it was just a month ago. And it’s not clear what next month will look like. As technology business leaders, we are all making complex decisions to keep our businesses and workforces safe, while keeping operations moving. In these uncertain times, Ioterra commits to continuing to operate as your Internet of Things Business Development Partner - amplifying your brand, discovering and coordinating incoming opportunities for you, and providing concierge support. 

  • Has the recent news been affecting the Ioterra marketplace? Like many of your own companies, Ioterra has had to update its operations to keep our workforce safe. However, it does not appear Covid-19 has had a negative impact on our site's daily traffic or incoming leads. Our whole team is working and we will continue to send our monthly reports to reflect the performance of the marketplace.
  • Who do I contact for updating my profile or ask questions? Please reach out to your dedicated success manager via their email, or feel free to write to [email protected] and we'll coordinate you with your assigned success representative.
  • My team is slowing down/modifying engineering work for the time being - how should I present this to your team and interested parties? Feel free to contact your dedicated success representative; your calls/contact remains confidential with the team so that we can keep your best interests in mind. If you're concerned about taking specific types of incoming opportunities, please disclose your concerns with your representative, and we will adjust referral criteria accordingly.

A message from our Co-Founders:

"Amidst this difficult time, we wish to send our gratitude and well wishes to all of our partners. We understand that running and maintaining a business during an intense period can be daunting for both management and employees. Now more than ever, if there are things you need from us or additional ways we can support you, please let us know. And most importantly, we wish good health for you, your families, and your communities."

Best Wishes & Best of Luck,

- Daniel Price & Danny deLaveaga

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