Ioterra Sponsors Launchboom’s Crowdfunded Summit 2020

by | Sep 13, 2020

Launchboom, a crowdfunding marketing agency that specializes in unique, tech consumer products, will be hosting their first virtual event, Crowdfunded Summit 2020, on September 16th and 17th. The featured event of the summit is a pitch competition valued at over $164,000 in cash and development services. Ioterra will be a proud backer and expert panelist and will be joined by marketplace partners to award the pitch competitions grand-prize winner and honorable mentions.

Crowdfunded Summit 2020 is a free, digital crowdfunding summit that will feature educational content and industry panelists to discuss a multitude of topics on fundraising tactics among the different platforms and post-campaign management. The event will feature industry panelists from multiple tech launchers including Google, Indiegogo, Sourcify, and more.

MistyWest will be awarding the “Most Intelligent Device Award” worth $5K of Internet of Things hardware development services to a company that demonstrates technical complexity within an edge related and/or AI/ML device. MistyWest is a leading, multidisciplinary engineering firm based out of Vancouver that has specialized within connected devices in healthcare, environmental solutions, and many more.

STEL Design will be providing two packages worth $10K a piece to highly-promising concepts that are not yet ready to go to crowdfunding. For the awardees, STEL will create designs and visual renderings of the of their product concepts that can be used for presentation, pitches, and crowdfunding campaigns. STEL Design is a multi-applicable industrial and digital design firm based out of Santa Barbara that has partnered with big brands including Fitbit, FLIR, Sonos and more.

ANSYNC will provide $3K worth of early-phase consulting to help identify complex engineering problems. ANSYNC has multiple engineering services, in-house machining and in-house PCB fabrication that service multiple industries.

Design 1st will award $5K of PCI (Product Concept Investigation): a detailed competitive analysis of a product concept to help make critical design, business, and legal decisions. The output includes a ‘competitive feature matrix’ that provides key insights on target costing, distribution, product features, and materials. Plus a patent landscape, market size summary, and regulatory guidance to help streamline product development. The outcome is a 30+ Page PDF Report and review meeting.

Creativity Inc.will be awarding $1,000 worth of consulting work to help a company that is involved in toy development with guidance along sonic branding (audio branding), play pattern (concept ideation), UX design, and target costing.

To attend the summit, register here:

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