‘It’s Alive!’: Igor Institute Joins Ioterra

by | Jan 21, 2022

Ioterra is pleased to announce that Igor Institute, an IoT product development consultancy, has joined as a service provider in the platform.

At now more than 35 engineers strong, Igor Institute’s combined experience in product development, has designed and engineered over 50 consumer products and has three offices based in Seattle, San Francisco, and Vancouver. The team has worked with big brands such as Lyft, Nike, Amazon, Rinnai, and more.

Igor Institute had originally submitted a job role through Ioterra’s job board. During the collaboration, it became apparent that a larger partnership could be formed.

“It was serendipitous that Igor had sought help from Ioterra for hiring needs. As we learned more about the company and the role they were hiring for, we were growing more and more excited to invite them to join as an official professional in the platform,” said Daniel Price, CEO of Ioterra.

As of early December 2021, Igor Institute is a member of the platform as a professional service provider that specializes in mechanical, engineering and firmware engineering.

“Ioterra’s unique approach to connecting others allows Igor Institute the opportunity to support the IoT hardware development needs of companies across a wide range of industries. We are excited for the opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise with the Ioterra community and bring innovative and connected ideas to life,” said, Aren Kaser, CEO of Igor Institute.

Ioterra and Igor Institute together will:

  • Promote and match Igor Institute’s expertise to incoming businesses with IoT initiatives.
  • Collaborate in creating insightful content and engaging within events that focus on IoT development and technology.
  • Empower and build a community of professionals capable of bringing the most ambitious product concepts to market and accelerate the future of connected technology.

As a certified service partner, Igor Institute looks forward to continuing their work bringing new ideas to life by collaborating with Ioterra’s network.

To learn more about Igor Institute, visit their website: https://www.igorinstitute.com or view their profile here: https://app.ioterra.com/companies/igor-institute

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