May 2020 Newsletter

by | Jun 2, 2020

Is “Made in China” still possible? Looking for an Easy-to-Use Cloud Solution? Can IoT be used to Fight back Covid-19? Let's find out.

An unusual spring-time is drawing to an end, the weather is nice, and it’s an exciting era for the Internet of Things. 

Challenges will continue to abound, but in this newsletter we offer a few insights and resources to help intrepid technology companies make an impact in the post-covid climate. First, we’ll dive in with one of the foremost experts in international sourcing to discuss what the first-person view of what today’s manufacturing in China looks like and how to navigate the current Chinese supply chain with success. Then we’ll explore some of the innovative touchless systems being created by Ioterra partners to help businesses return to work after Covid. From there, we’ll share some of the steep discounts being offered through Ioterra to assist businesses to save costs while continuing to innovate during this difficult period.


How to Navigate the Chinese Supply Chain Post Covid-19

A-ONE Group Holdings has officially joined Ioterra as a manufacturing leader in China. To welcome their arrival to the platform and to get an inside-look in manufacturing in Dongguan, A-ONE’s CEO, Bob Welt, will join us to discuss the state of manufacturing in China, how the pandemic has affected the global supply chain, and answer questions from the audience. 

The webinar will be hosted Wednesday, June 10th at 3:30 PM PST. Register today!


50% off Ubidots' Professional Plan just for Ioterrans!

Ubidots is an easy-to-use, rapid-to-deploy, IoT application enablement platform. Ubidots is extending a special offer for their platform’s Professional Plan. Power your IoT and cloud applications using the most reliable and ease-of-use tools along with:

  • Connect to over 200 devices
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Is IoT the Future of Fever Detection?

GroupGets, in collaboration with FLIR, has created thermal monitoring modules that can be used to detect elevated body temperatures of individuals in crowds. The most obvious use for this technology is in airport security checkpoints, but the fever surveillance tech is also being deployed in other public transit areas as well as in private corporate offices to curtail viral spread as Americans return to the office. As with most step-function innovations, there is significant discourse about this approach - what are the privacy ramifications? Can people opt in/out? How are the accuracy levels of these systems metered and regulated? While these questions are difficult and will unfold over time, one thing is for sure now - GroupGets' PureThermals are flying off the shelves!


Welcome, Qubino!

Qubino is an EU based innovator and manufacturer of Z-Wave smart home devices. Qubino smart home solutions are the smallest Z-Wave devices in the world with the easiest and quickest installation possible. Qubino’s technology delivers superior comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.

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