Seacomp Manufacturing Division, MH MFG, Joins Ioterra

by | Sep 30, 2020

Since 1989, SEACOMP has been engineering electronics and has continued to expand their specialties to incorporate multiple divisions that focus on different phases of the product development cycle. It is with great pleasure that we announce our partnership with their manufacturing and NPI-specialist brand, MH Manufacturing.

SEACOMP has several offices around the world to support their clients within engineering, manufacturing, and business initiatives; their international presence includes Hong Kong, San Diego, Dongguan, London, Hamburg, and an office in the Philippines. Their manufacturing division in particular handles the product design and NPI process for electronic products that may need prototyping, tooling or up to full-scale production.

“IoT products are at the forefront of enhancing our world through better data analytics, more efficient processes, and improved decision-making. We look forward to partnering with innovators from the Ioterra network who share a similar vision: improve the world we live in by making great ideas into great products,” said Mike Szymanski, CEO.

“With a long history of electronics development, we knew we wanted to approach SEACOMP and work with a division that would best serve our community.” said Ioterra Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder, Daniel deLaveaga “Their manufacturing specialty will further enhance our community’s experience in considering the best, vetted options in overseas manufacturing.”

Ioterra and MH MFG together will:

  • Promote and match MH MFG’s expertise to incoming businesses with electronic development and manufacturing initiatives.
  • Collaborate and create insightful content to address the markets’ rapid growth in adopting smart technology
  • Empower and build a community of professionals capable of bringing the most ambitious product concepts to market and accelerate the future of connected technology.

As a certified service partner, MH MFG looks forward to improving the world we live in by making great ideas into great products.

To learn more about MH MFG, visit or

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