Titoma, Design For Manufacturing in Asia, Joins Ioterra

by | Sep 21, 2020

No matter where you do your final assembly, some 70% of the electronic components still come from Asia – this may not be surprising news to product developers. What is intriguing to businesses is when a design house is in-sync with Asian manufacturing services throughout the development of their product. This is why Ioterra is proud to announce our partnership with Titoma, a Taiwan-based, electronic design house with full manufacturing capabilities.

Titoma is fully committed to aiding western businesses with complete product design and manufacturing of custom, embedded-electronic products. The company’s name itself is a pledge to their commitment of providing a competitive advantage in getting to market quickly and efficiently: “(TI)me (TO) (MA)rket.”

“To get to market fast, you need to prevent unnecessary iterations. We do this by involving our key vendors in Asia very early on in the design,” says Titoma founder, Case Engelen.

“We knew the marketplace would be greatly enhanced once we connected with Titoma.” said Ioterra Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder, Daniel deLaveaga “It’s always a win-win situation when we can partner with a robust, electronics-specialty partner and collaborate within the embedded products space to further promote that partner.”

Ioterra and Titoma together will:

  • Promote and match Titoma’s expertise to incoming businesses with electronic design needs and needing guidance in manufacturing.
  • Collaborate and create insightful content to address the markets’ rapid growth in adopting smart technology.
  • Empower and build a community of professionals capable of bringing the most ambitious product concepts to market and accelerate the future of connected technology.

As a certified service partner, Titoma looks forward to leveraging the Ioterra network to continue to optimize the electronic design for manufacturing in Taiwan or China, and deliver reliable products.

To learn more about Titoma, visit https://titoma.com/product-development-process or https://ioterra.com/companies/titoma-design-for-manufacturing-in-asia

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