We Are LA Tech & Ioterra Podcast Episode

by | Jan 27, 2020

Raychel Espiritu, community director of Toolbox LA, sat down with our Co-founder, Danny deLaveaga, on an episode of We are LA Tech podcast, “The Internet of Things Marketplace: WeAreLATech Startup Spotlight.” 

Danny describes his day-to-day activities such as looking for new technologies to join the platform from products to service companies specializing in IoT development.

“The reason so many companies are investing in IoT is that in the past, say you launch a website – but you wouldn’t launch a website that you can’t change in the future! With hardware, you can launch a hardware project and update it in the future [with firmware/software].”

Ioterra has been renting a space within Toolbox LA for several years along with our headquarters office in Reno, NV; Bangalore, India;  and Taiwan.

Danny is a UC Santa Barbara alumni with a degree in mechanical engineering. His experience within engineering and the 40 products he helped launch with Breadware back in 2019 helped the team find the inspiration behind Ioterra’s mission. 

“It’s a difficult undertaking to build a connected product…you have to do it in a timeframe that doesn’t bankrupt a startup or kill an initiative at a corporation. Seeing these different modes of failure and fragmented areas became the impotence of creating a better way of finding the right information to make good product development decisions.”

According to a survey from Cisco in 2017, 70% of IoT product development projects fail.

“As a startup, it’s important to check out ecosystems and get advice as much as possible,” Danny advised to LA tech builders.

“We have the power to impact our destiny and where we’re going. We have a lot of problems that affect us at a macro-scale, and I think that technology can help solve a lot of those problems. I really do believe in what I’m doing. To make a meaningful impact in the world, we have to do that in ways that we have not yet invented and we can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results.”

Listen to the full episode here: https://podcast.wearelatech.com/ioterra

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