Searching for digital, hardware, and IoT solutions can be overwhelming. Let us help.

Our goal is to maintain a categorized database of research, information, and reviews to support product developers create and launch awesome new products.

We started this business after we had our own struggles finding solutions for IoT software and hardware challenges.

How we got here


Early beginnings

We got started in product development as an engineering firm focused on IoT. Over the course of 5 years we grew & launched several dozen IoT products and learned to appreciate the importance and difficulty of technical architecture decisions.


Ioterra born

The founders and the core team had a revelation about IoT. At the time there weren’t any websites that consolidated research on hardware and software solutions, by application, in one place (especially when it came to industry-specific solutions). We founded Ioterra to fill that need.


Service division acquired

In 2020 the services part of the company was acquired by an OEM customer, and the division has continued to grow.


Research & reviews directories launched

Our directories provided a field guide for product development. We initially added our network of trusted and reliable partners to the directories, but quickly had lots of demand to join. So the directories grew organically from there.


A growing ecosystem

Since the launch we’ve been proud to help over 2,000 product developers make challenging software, hardware, and hiring decisions by getting trusted information to them. We also launched an IoT community and started a Product Development conference.



We continue our mission of bringing more insights and better quality help to our customers, and we are development more ways to help companies confidently choose software and hardware for their products development initiatives.

Product architecture decisions can have long-term & costly effect

Make the best decisions early-on, and confidently, with a little help from our team (for free)


Verified reference projects


Solution and service categories


Companies helped

Our team of industry specific advisors is committed to helping you thrive

We work to make product architecture less stressful for you. Our values keep us going strong and help us have fun everyday.

Send It

We think big. We set ambitious goals, follow through on commitments made, give tasks their all, and pick ourselves up to try again when we miss.

Work Smart

We get high on efficiency, and appreciate the work-life balance. When we run into a challenge we throw our intellect at it, and we aren’t content to put bandaids on things and move on. We get to root causes and solve them.

One Team

We rely on each other, we win together, and we lose together. We see the glass half full. We don’t struggle alone. We band together to solve any problem.

Don't be a Robot

If we wanted a robot, we’d purchase a Roomba. We surround ourselves with those who are excited and passionate about their work. We value humor, energy, and authenticity in all interactions. We maintain an informal and fun work environment.

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