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Product leaders come to us when they need help finding a solution or vendor for their initiatives. We provide them personalized guidance over the phone, and if they are seeking what you offer we’ll get them connected to you.

How it Works

When we talk to a Product Leader who meets your sales team’s requirements, we’ll send the lead directly to you.

Then, our team of expert advisors will send the prospect an email that lists your offering among our top recommendations.

You only pay for leads that meet all of the requirements you specify when you sign up for the program.

Lead Development Process

Example detailed lead data delivered to your sales team

Ready to talk to qualified buyers looking for help with their hardware, digital, and IoT projects?

Gain Niche Exposure

List your solution, service, or product in over 80 niche development categories

Project based matching system
Buyers are evaluated across multiple criteria with regards to company type, project application, timeline, and existing technical architecture.
Discover the magic of trusted in-person customer referrals
Sales-ready leads are phone qualified by category expert advisors
Get found organically by customers searching Ioterra Category Rankings
The Ioterra algorithm helps expert advisors confidently recommend your company to a customer based on Development Discipline(s), Industry Vertical, Solutions Utilization, and Tools Experience

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We joined the Ioterra platform in December 2020 and got matched with a client soon thereafter. The project signoff was quick and smooth as there was a trust factor between us and the client due to Ioterra.

Vinod Jhajharia, Founder

We started working with Ioterra in 2019 as a Growth Member. This is a great solution for matching manufacturers like us with prospective clients. The Ioterra team has helped us gain a better understanding of the IoT landscape. We’re consistently impressed with their depth of knowledge related to design, engineering, and manufacturing.

Lorne Smith, Director of Business Development