Benefits of Telit’s Ultra-Low-Power WiFi Solutions

by | Dec 11, 2019

With technology grown into what it is today, devices that were once autonomous are now connecting to each other or to the Internet (IoT). In this world of IoT devices, many are now battery powered and choosing the right low-power wireless technology is critical to product design. Previously Wi-Fi has been considered relatively high in power consumption compared to other technologies and not ready for implementation in IoT, but Telit’s proprietary power-saving system has changed the game.

Today, Telit is one of the largest suppliers of wireless machine to machine (M2M) modules offering an extensive portfolio of cellular, short-range, and global GNSS modules. With itexpansion into low-power Wi-Fi modules, Telit modules have become another option alongside many other Wi-Fi module vendors for IoT devices such as Espressif. When deciding what vendor module you should use for your design, Telit’s whitepaper outlines 5 things you should consider that makes Telit the best choice for a low-power Wi-Fi module.
  1. How much power does the module consume for both low and high bandwidth applications?
  2. Does it have an embedded processor to save on space and provide efficiency?
  3. Besides the hardware’s design to save power, what other features does it provide in terms of saving power? Ultra-low power consumption is critical for any battery-powered IoT device.
  4. How easy will the firmware development process be? Once you include a module into your IoT design, you’ll be required to write firmware to get all the hardware communicating with each other.
  5. What are the real-life power specs? Datasheets can provide some insights, but what really matters is the average power consumption in a real-life scenario.

Depending on your needs, Telit may be the perfect choice as the Wi-Fi module for your design. Find out by reading Telit’s ultra-low-power Wi-Fi whitepaper and learn more about them.
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