Guidelines on Preparing an RFP for your Mobile Application

by | Mar 3, 2020

Finding the best development partner for your mobile application can be a lot of work. With Ioterra, you’re able to narrow down your list of possible mobile app development partners knowing they were vetted by experts within Ioterra. Although that makes the selection process a bit easier, that may not be enough. You also need to also have a solid request for proposal (RFP) to clearly communicate to each possible development partner what your mobile app project entails.

By having an RFP for your mobile app project, you’ll be able to give a clear picture to the possible vendors of exactly what you expect out of the application and them. The document will also help you put your ideas on paper and help answer some important questions you may have not thought about yet. Providing vendors with an RFP will allow you to receive more accurate quotes as there would be less ambiguity, and later they can be easily compared as they were based on the same information.

So how do you go about writing an RFP? Annie Dossey from Clearbridge Mobile wrote a great guide on how to approach such a document and what kind of information it should contain. Here are some valuable tips she provides:
  • Consult Mobile App Development Experts If you don’t have much knowledge about mobile apps, you should consider getting advice from an expert. Having a more detailed understanding of what your mobile app’s requirements are will allow vendors to provide a more accurate proposal.

  • Conduct a Design and Discovery Phase
    Conducting a workshop to fully understand the direction of the product will help set the necessary deliverables needed to reach a successful product launch. It’ll also get everyone who will be involved in the project in sync on what the business and app goals are.

  • Look at the Big Picture
    Taking a step back and looking at the big picture for your mobile app will help you build the necessary foundation correctly to be able to be maintained and scalable when the time comes.

  • How to Measure Your App’s Success
    Once you have your mobile app built, you’ll need to have a metric to measure how successful it is. Having this metric early on in the planning stages will help you better understand what you want your app to accomplish and select features or functionalities to work towards that goal.

  • Understand Your Budget
    Like any development project, it’ll cost money to get it done. Understanding what your budget is will help you to define your IoT project cost and how to prioritize features based on budget. Most importantly, it’ll help filter out vendors that are beyond your budget and save you time comparing proposals.
Ready to get started on writing your RFP for your mobile app? Read Dossey’s article to see the detailed checklist of items that should be in your mobile app RFP.
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