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There are 2 options for professional membership – Individual Professional or Professional Company. The details for each membership option are below.

Individual Professional


for an annual membership

Individual Professional Membership Benefits

Receive project opportunities through Ioterra’s Find Professionals tool
Individual profile in Ioterra’s Professional Directory

Professional Company


for an annual membership
Professional Company Membership Benefits
Receive project opportunities through Ioterra’s Get Bids tool
Company profile in Ioterra’s Professional Directory
Add Fixed Price Service Packages to Ioterra Store
Post job openings on Ioterra’s Jobs Board
Up to 4 Individual Professional Memberships included

Both Individual and Company Professional profiles also include Product Member benefits

10% off purchases in the Ioterra Store
Utilize Ioterra’s Find Investors tool for you or your clients
Exclusive discounts to all Ioterra hosted and sponsored conferences and events
Ask questions and get answers in Ioterra’s product development Q&A

We joined the Ioterra platform in December 2020 and got matched with a client soon thereafter. The project signoff was quick and smooth as there was a trust factor between us and the client due to Ioterra.

Vinod Jhajharia, Founder

How does the Ioterra platform generate leads for me?

Ioterra customers utilize either the Find Professionals tool or the Get Bids tool to find professionals for their projects.

Find Professionals is used for smaller projects when a customer is looking for an individual with specific expertise for contracting work
Get Bids is used for larger projects when a customer is looking for a team that can support them with a complex product development initiative.
woman looks at Ioterra profiles

In both tools, the customer first answers a handful of questions about their project. From these questions the Ioterra platform determines which Professionals are best matches for the project

man looks at company listings

The customer will then select the Professionals they wish to send their project details to. If selected, you will receive the project and customer information through your Ioterra portal. From there you can review the opportunity, determine if you’d like to participate in it, and then connect with the customer.

man looks at company listings

It is up to you to win the opportunity after connecting with the customer. Ioterra is not involved after the initial connection.

Recent Ioterra Projects

Project began as electrical and mechanical design prototyping. Following a successful prototype, the project went to the pilot production phase with the Ioterra vendor.

Deal size: $230,000

Project included UI/UX design, mobile development, and software development for a new IoT product. Client found an experienced Ioterra vendor capable of doing the project under one-roof.

Deal size: $40,000

Project had specific requirements for firmware development using Rigado’s BMD-350. Client found an Ioterra vendor with deep Rigado expertise who quickly executed the project.

Deal size: $28,000

Become a top ranked Professional Member to win more projects

The Ioterra algorithm computes the most experienced Professionals for each combination of

Development Discipline(s)


Industry Vertical


Development Stage

To rank higher in your subject areas of interest:

Adjust the self-selected areas of expertise in your profile
Engage in the Ioterra community forums on topics related to that subject area
Upload projects demonstrating your expertise in that subject area
Complete projects through Ioterra in that subject area

Grow your business with Ioterra

Product companies in the Ioterra platform are looking for you. Join today and meet new customers.

We started working with Ioterra in 2019 as a Profesional Member. This is a great solution for matching manufacturers like us with prospective clients. The Ioterra team has helped us gain a better understanding of the IoT landscape. We’re consistently impressed with their depth of knowledge related to design, engineering, and manufacturing.

Lorne Smith, Director of Business Development

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